East Canton mayor abruptly resigns; Village Council president takes over


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The village of East Canton has a new mayor following the abrupt resignation of Kathleen Almasy.

David Spencer, the Village Council president, moved into the role of mayor following Almasy’s resignation.

“As I raised my hand this morning and swore my oath of office, it occurred to me, that today our community has a new start,” Spencer said in a statement. “With a fresh start comes the ability to begin healing wounds and focus our attention on moving our village forward.”

Spencer replaced Almasy who stepped down following “continued ridicule,” according to her resignation letter. JMN has been attempting to contact Almasy since summer of 2021 without any response.

Almasy was in the middle of her third term when she stepped down at the end of January. Spencer was sworn in Tuesday, Feb. 1.

“I do understand that the confidence in me as a leader has diminished for actions not pertaining to me or my job,” Almasy wrote in her resignation letter. “The past several months have been trying times for the our village riddled in scandal and now the issues with the Police Department.”

Spencer, the village’s new mayor, had been on village council for two years. He is the vice president of Ambaflex Manufacturing in Canton. He is expected to fill the mayor role until the term ends on Dec. 31, 2023.