JMN Sports 2021-22 High School Basketball Area Preview


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The 2021-22 high school basketball season is fast approaching, with many schools looking to compete for their respective conference championships, as well as long runs in the late winter/spring’s state tournament.

Here are some of the area teams for the upcoming year, and what to look out for:


Head Coach: Mike Aukerman

2020-21 record: 5-18

Conference: EBC

Returning lettermen: Darick Miller (11.0 points per game, 6.6 rebounds)

Brock Smith (7.2 points)

Jaxon Rinkes (6.6 points)

Micah Barkan (2.3 points)

Lincoln Mallarnee (1.5 points).

Season Outlook: I really like how this group plays and communicates. We will compete every night. Our rotation will be very limited in experience but will improve throughout the season. We want to be playing our best ball in February and March.

Conference Outlook: Alliance brings back the most firepower and should be the favorite. However, West Branch and Canton South should be right there as well. Salem is always loaded with talent, and Marlington brings back a lot of their scoring from last year in addition to a healthy Evanich. Minerva has a great leader in Costea that will have them in every game. The league will be very competitive from night to night.


Head coach: Gary Watkins

2020-21 record: 7-16

Conference: IVC South

Returning lettermen: Cory Edwards, 6-1 senior forward

Connor Lynch, 5-10 senior guard

Cade Watkins, 6-0 senior guard/forward

Graydon Mooneyham, 6-0 junior forward

Top newcomers: Nate Barnabi, 5-10 junior guard

Bryce Murray, 5-10 junior forward

Jesse Seibert, 6-2 junior post

Brody Moreland, 5-10 sophomore guard

Dillon Watkins, 6-0 sophomore forward


Head coach: Jeremy Ady

2020-21 record: 5-10 (2-10 in IVC North)

Conference: IVC North

Returning lettermen: Garson Imes, 6-0 senior forward

Maddox Walters, 6-0 senior forward

Brett Putnam, 5-10 senior point guard

Braylen Novak, 5-10 senior forward

Adam Walker, 5-11 senior guard

Damon Reardon, 6-0 junior guard/forward

Gaige Galigher, 5-11 junior guard

Evan Siedel, 5-10 junior guard.

Top newcomers: Evan Rice, junior

Justin Lambert, junior


Head coach: Bob Von Kaenel

2021-22 record: 16-5, East Central Ohio League Champs

Conference: ECOL

Returning lettermen: Mikey Beal, 6-4 senior post

Joey Farthing, 6-5 senior wing/post

Ayden Hall, 6-3 senior point guard

Tyler Little, 6-0 senior post

T.C. Molk, 6-1 senior wing

Daniel Pfeiffer, 6-1 senior post

Ben Hamm, 6-2 junior wing.

Top newcomers: Tyler Stevenson, 6-1 junior wing

Brett DeVault, 6-2 junior wing

Matthew Gigax, 6-4 junior post

Jackson Lurie, 6-3 junior post


Head Coach: Ryan McGonagle

2021-22 record: 5-12 (5-7 IVC North)


Returning lettermen: Landen Demos, senior

Mario Snellenberger, senior

Luke Riley, senior

Dominic Hicks, senior

Chase Vacco, senior

Alec Penrod, senior


Head coach: Terry Rowe

2020-21 record: 9-12

Conference: IVC South

Returning lettermen: Brendan Chapman, 6-3 senior post

Sam Page, 6-1 senior post

Drew Mullet, 5-9 junior guard

Alex Roden, 6-2 junior guard

Brady Roden, 6-2 junior guard

Jarett Wallick, 6-2 junior post

Logan Yoder, 5-10 junior guard.

Top newcomer: Jenson Garber, 6-0 sophomore guard.


Head Coach: Mark Schlabach

2020-21 record: 19-9 (10-2 IVC South)

Conference: IVC South

Returning lettermen: Chris Shetler, Forward, Senior

Grant Miller, Point Guard, Senior

Tony Yoder, Guard, Senior

Caden Miller, C/F, Senior

Dylan Weaver, Guard, Senior

Top newcomers: Sammy Detweiler, Guard, Sophomore

Carson Habeger, Guard, Junior

Team’s Strength: We have a big senior class. They should be able to provide a lot of leadership. We have a number of players that are good shooters.

Area to Improve On: Defense, Transition Defense, Team Rebounding


Head Coach: Tyrone Miller

2020-21 record: 9-15 (3-9 IVC)

Conference: IVC South

Returning lettermen: Lucas Hagan 6’ Senior, Guard (14 ppg)

Caleb Wells 5’10” Senior Guard

Cam Anderson 5’11” Senior Forward

Isaac Klaserner 6’ Junior Guard

Tyson Pryor 6’2” Sophomore Guard/Forward

Season Outlook: This team works hard every day to improve. We hope to hang our hat on the defensive end of the floor.

Conference Outlook: The league should be very well balanced again. There are lots of talented players and coaches in our league that make each game a challenge for us.


Head Coach: Matt Voll

2020-21 record: 13-10

Conference: ECOL

Returning lettermen: Kayden Schoelles, Sr., 6-3 Guard

Jadan Lowery, Sr., 6-6 Center

Carter Vandall, Jr., 6-5 Forward

Michael Vickers, Jr., 6-6 Guard

Colton Slaughter, So., 6-1 Guard

Top newcomers: O’Rhen Martin, Sr., 6-3 Forward

Brandt Wells, Jr., 5-10 Guard

Owen Miller, So., 6-2 Guard

Owen Schoelles, So., 6-6 Center

Season Outlook: With five returning lettermen, the team should have a solid foundation in order to develop and improve our skills and practice habits. We want to make a strong commitment towards teamwork, defensive intensity, and rebounding.

Conference Outlook: The schedule includes eight Division I opponents. It will be challenging with the goal to be playing our best basketball come tournament time.


Head coach: Dennis Tucci

Last year’s record/finish: 21-5 (10-2 IVC North Co-Champs)

Conference: IVC North

Returning lettermen: Noah Ball, 6-5 senior;

Connor Lefevre, 6-3 senior

Michael Minor, 6-6 senior

KJ Thomas, 6-0 senior

Bryson White, 6-2 senior.

Top newcomers: Dylan Phillips, 6-1 sophomore

Mitch Minor, 6-4 sophomore

J’Allen Barrino, 6-1 sophomore (transfer from Minerva)

Ja’Son Barrino, 5-8 junior (transfer from Minerva)


Head coach: Kevin Fondale

2020-21 record: 1-18

Conference: IVC North

Returning lettermen: David Newkirk, 5-9 junior guard;

Trenton Newkirk, 6-3 senior post

Braxton Wilson, 6-0 senior guard

Gavin Prysi, 6-0 junior post

Evan St. John, 5-10 senior guard

Braden Somogye, 6-1 sophomore forward

Jayson Sanders, 5-10 sophomore guard

Top newcomers: Damion Newkirk, 5-7 sophomore guard

Javen Fitch, 6-1 sophomore forward

Hunter Amore, 5-10 junior forward


Head coach: Troy Dolick

2020-21 record: 19-6

Conference: IVC South

Returning lettermen: Gabe Tingle, 6-0 senior guard

Dalton Patterson, 6-1 senior forward

Kiegenn Millender, 5-9 senior guard

Kadin Bradford, 6-4 senior center

Braden Maleski, 5-11 senior guard

Josiah Cahill, 6-0 junior guard

Kauelen Smith, 6-1 junior forward.

Top newcomers: Kolby Masloski, 6-2 senior center

Zander Stroup, 5-11 senior guard;

Kaleb Schrock, 6-2 junior forward

Quincy Hains, 6-0 junior forward

Cohen Cabot, 5-10 junior forward

Trent Warden, 5-8 junior guard.


Head coach: Gary Offenberger

2020-21 record: 8-11.

Conference: IVC South

Returning lettermen: Mason Tucci, 5-11 senior guard

Brandon Wigfield, 6-0 senior guard

Kaiden Mastri, 6-2 senior post

Ben Petro, 5-10 senior guard

Brandon Young, 6-1 senior post

Dominic Price, 5-9 senior guard

Jordan Wigfield, 5-11 senior guard

Nick Petro, 6-0 sophomore guard

Dantae Faiello, 5-11 sophomore guard.

Top newcomers: Troy Snyder, 6-0 sophomore wing

Isaiah Williams, 5-11 junior wing

Connor Ritter, 5-11 junior wing

James Crowe, 5-11 junior wing

Lorenzo Montemezzo, 6-2 junior wing

Luke Williams, 5-8 freshman guard

Lucas Gilland, 5-11 freshman wing

Isaac Smith, 5-11 freshman wing

Anthony Ross, 5-10 freshman guard

Deaune Earley, 6-0 freshman post


Head Coach: Adam Hall

2020-21 record: 15-10 (10-2 IVC North Co-Champions)

Conference: IVC North

Returning lettermen: Dylan Walker (Jr./Guard)

Cole Hutchison (Jr./Forward)

Top newcomers: Matt Stevens (Guard)

Andrew Harvey (Guard)

Landon Potopsky (Guard)

Noah Doerschuk (Forward)

Elijah Fierbaugh (Forward)

Jacob Ross (Forward)

Mason Wagner (Guard)

Matt Cox (Guard)

Team’s Strength: Guard Play/Perimeter Shooting

Area to Improve On: Developing a presence inside


Head Coach: Mickey Sabin

2020-21 record: 11-9 (10-2 IVC North Co-Champions)

Conference: IVC North

Returning lettermen: Hunter Sabin, Senior/Guard

Adam Decaminada, Senior/Forward

Jacob Renicker, Senior/Forward

Kayden Crosier, Junior/Guard

Zander Sabin, Junior/Guard (18.5 PPG, All-Ohio Honorable Mention)

Top newcomers: Jordan Cherry, Junior/Forward

Drew Lakota, Junior/Guard

Thayne Mahaffey, Junior/Center-Forward

Team’s Strength: Very long and athletic, much better defensively than last year

Area to Improve On: Rebounding


Head coach: Terry Sites

2020-21 record: 20-5 (11-1 IVC South Champs)

Conference: IVC South

Returning lettermen: Logan Stotzer, 6-1 senior guard

Dawson Williams, 6-2 senior forward

Kolton Kohler, 6-1 senior forward

Connar Newsome, 6-0 junior guard

Cody Robinson, 6-2 junior guard

Silas Miller, 6-3 junior forward

Top newcomers: Caleb Weiland, 6-6 senior center

Beau Wolf, 5-9 senior guard

John Leffler, 6-2 sophomore guard

Cole Clements, 6-3 sophomore forward


Head coach: Don Hall

2020-21 record: 16-7, 3rd in OCC

Conference: OCC

Returning lettermen: Blake Morrison, 5-9 senior guard

Brock Zimmerly, 5-11 senior guard/forward.

Top newcomers: Evan Estill, 6-1 senior post

Channer Wells, 6-1 senior guard

Owen Jeffries, 5-10 junior guard/forward

Zevin Proper, 5-10 junior guard

Mason Wolfe, 6-2 junior forward

Zander Shultz, 6-0 junior guard

Korben Felton, 6-1 junior forward

Collier Cline, 5-9 sophomore guard

Nate Fair, 6-2 sophomore guard/forward

Sam Sprang, 6-0 sophomore guard/forward

Kyle Maltarich, 6-1 sophomore guard