New law requires Ohio high schoolers to learn financial literacy skills


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Students around the state of Ohio will now be required to learn basic financial skills in an effort to better prepare them for adult hood.

The proposed bill, Senate Bill 1, which was sponsored by Republican State Sens. Steve Wilson, of Maineville, and Rob McColley, of Napoleon was signed by Governor Mike DeWine on Oct. 28.

“It is our duty as a state to ensure that our education system prepares Ohio students for success,” Sen. McColley said. “There are few things that will better prepare someone for success than an understanding of basic financial literacy.”

With the passage of the new law, Ohio high school students will be required to receive one-half unit of instruction, or a total of 60 hours, from an educator who has been trained in financial education.

This new law will affect students who enter ninth grade in January of 2022 or later.