Sandy Valley’s Ritter, Hiland boys lead All-IVC golf team picks


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Sandy Valley junior Connor Ritter was named Inter-Valley Conference Player of the Year as the conference selections were released on Monday.

Ritter joined fellow junior John Wood on the 12-player IVC First team, while Hiland High School boasted the most selections (6) among all IVC schools: Brookston Hummel, Nathan Kline, Carter Mishler, Garrett Shoup, Kenny Weaver, and Lucas Yoder.

Sandy Valley and Garaway (Charles Beachy, Trace Gibson) tabbed the second-most First Teamers behind Hiland, along with one each from Ridgewood (Charlie Kilpatrick) and Connor Gardner (Tuscarawas Valley).

Charles BeachyGarawaySr.
Trace GibsonGarawayFr.
Brookston HummelHilandSr.
Carter MishlerHilandSr.
Nathan KlineHilandJr.
Garrett ShoupHilandSr.
Kenny WeaverHilandSr.
Lucas YoderHilandJr.
Charlie KilpatrickRidgewoodSr.
Connor RitterSandy ValleyJr.
John WoodSandy ValleyJr.
Connor GardnerTuscarawas ValleyJr.
Gaige GaligherConotton ValleyJr.
Trevor DeutschmanEast CantonSr.
Nick MaustGarawayFr.
Carter MillerGarawaySo.
Austen GunnIndian ValleySo.
Isaac StokeyIndian ValleySr.
Aden TrushellIndian ValleyJr.
Tucker AndrewsMalvernSr.
Ethan BushMalvernSo.
Connor LefevreMalvernSr.
Cooper KingRidgewoodSo.
Trenton BitikoferStrasburgSo.
Jayson GrywalskyStrasburgFr.
Koi PrestonClaymontJr.
Justin LambertConotton ValleyJr.
Jeremiah KandelEast CantonJr.
Emmet RoyerGarawaySr.
Daniel GrewellIndian ValleySo.
Will YerrickMalvernSr.
Benny ShuckRidgewoodSo.
Seth McCauleySandy ValleySr.
Andrew HarveyStrasburgSr.
Anthony PangrazioTuscarawas C.C.Sr.