President Biden to announce federal vaccines mandates, push for regularly testing teachers, students


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Thursday President Joe Biden is expected to announce federal vaccine requirements for all federal government workers, according to reports from NBC. He’s also expected to make a push for increased testing for teachers and students in schools.

The president is expected to make this announcement Thursday afternoon, end sources say all federal executive branch workers will face a vaccine requirement. This move comes after President Biden initially said federal employees could have the option to get regular testing instead of the vaccine, but, that option is now out the window.

According to NBC‘s report, White House officials say the Biden administration is expected “encouraging employers and local governments to put vaccine mandates in place along with mask requirements.”

“We can’t declare with a magic wand from the federal government that every person has to be vaccinated, school districts can do that, leaders and states can push their school districts to do that, that’s important, companies can do that and make those requirements for their employees,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on MSNBC Thursday. “That’s something some larger companies have done, and that’s a model. So those are all pieces the president will talk about today.”

The federal government set aside $10 billion in funding for Covid screening tests for teachers, staff, and students. President Biden is expected to call on schools to set up regular testing.