Could an ‘outdoor drinking area’ be coming to Minerva?


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An application will be presented to Minerva Village Council on Oct. 12 to determine if the Village of Minerva will be allowed to set up outdoor drinking areas for special events.

The outdoor drinking areas, known as a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA), would allow patrons to receive drinks from four establishments that sell alcohol and consume them while walking outside in designated areas and enjoying events that may be taking place.

“For the area, we have a lot of special events that go on downtown. This would give people another reason to come downtown. They can go to one of the four permit holders, get a drink, and experience the downtown businesses that we have,” said Minerva Village Administrator Phil Turske. “I’m looking at this as something that we can use for special events. I would like to give people many reasons as possible to come to Minerva and experience downtown and I believe that this is just another tool to do that.”

Permits would be distributed to business that qualify, which are: Stoney Inn LLC, DBA Bings Lounge; Thomas S & Rae Anne Fry, DBA The Normandy Inn; Que Past – Nanco Restaurant Management LLC; and Sandy Springs Brewing Company LLC.

The designated area would go down Market (the brick road) and span High St, which intersects with Market. If approved by council, the area would be the yellow highlighted area shown in the photo above.

Turske said this could attract more people to Minerva and provide another type of experience to the Village and their events.

“A perfect example and unfortunately we’re going to have to miss it this year is every year in the last weekend of September, Stockers and Streeters do a car show. It’s an awesome opportunity for the businesses, for permit holders to be able to sell those and allow the people to bring in their cars for the show or people visiting to see the cars to go down and get a margarita, get a craft brew, get something and be out on the street and the Chamber does a great job of putting together these events,” he said. “You’ll see from time to time that the village counsel will shut down High Street between Main and Market which is essentially between the post office and the Chase building and they’ll have bands there. The Roxy does a lot of events and I envision it just to get many people out and just to experience it. There’s a number of towns that have DORAs and people rave about them so just being able to get out in the summer, nice weather, have a drink and experience events that are going on.”

Many cities around Ohio have welcomed DORA areas, including Louisville, Columbiana and surrounding areas.

Turske said they have been in contact with other cities that already have the DORA system in place and they are taking bits and pieces from them.

“We’re taking bits and pieces from each of them. Speaking with the administrator at Columbiana, he said to me ‘get people used to the idea. Start if off with these special events and if they’re successful, then you can expand upon your dora.’ That’s what Louisville is doing right now,” Turske said. “They’re trying to expand their DORA because they’re having success with it and people are open to it. Marietta’s marketing areas and how they do their cups and how they do their signage and their stickers for the businesses like who’s a DORA? Who sells DORA drinks? Who’s a friend of the businesses? Who just doesn’t want a DORA drink in there? That’s what we took from them. So I’m a firm believer in finding what works in other communities and putting them together and that’s how we came up with this application.”


• Any drinks taken to go must be purchased from participating businesses and served in the official plastic DORA cup approved by the Village.

• The hours of operation would be for special events only and voted on by Village Council.

• Every business that does not sell alcohol, has the right to decide if they will allow patrons to bring in the DORA beverages

• Drinking in vehicles is not allowed


The signs will be mounted on portable structures that will be put out for DORA events at the locations designated on the map.


According to the application that is going to be presented to council for approval, Minerva Police would “regularly patrol the DORA during all DORA hours of operation.”


One of the qualifying establishments within the DORA area would have to request a DORA event for council to approve.

The qualifying establishments include: Stoney Inn LLC, DBA Bings Lounge; Thomas S & Rae Anne Fry, DBA The Normandy Inn; Que Past – Nanco Restaurant Management LLC; and Sandy Springs Brewing Company LLC.


The Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control reserves the right to revoke the permit if a permit holder fails to satisfy the public health and safety requirements of the DORA. Council can request the permit be revoked.


There are currently nine trash cans located within the DORA but the Village can add more trash cans if requested.

OTHER BUSINESSES WITHIN THE DORA ARE – Businesses on this list could choose to allow DORA containers in their establishments:

Sunkist Tanning, 110 S Market; Rae’s Jewelry, 106 N Market; Henri’s Cloud Nine, 110 N Market; Simply Scarves….And Such, 111 N Market; Sphons CCW LLC, 113 N Market; The Roxy, 114 N Market; Minerva Music Center, 117 N Market; Misty Karlen’s Dance Studio, 126 N Market; Lions Den, 207 N Market; Country Carpets & Flooring, 208 N Market; Dunlap Photography, 214 N Market; Art Spot, 219 N Market; P & R Tobacco, 223 N Market; Summer Girls Studio, 224 N Market; C & E Surplus & More, 227 N Market; Hollands Restaurant, 204 N Market; Services Ohio Valley Accounting & Tax, 113 S Market Claws Dog Grooming, 123 N Market; Greenport Financial Advisors Inc., 127 N Market; Edward Jones Investments, 200 N Market; Clark, Clark & Chaddock, 201 N Market; Battista & Battista Attorneys, 211 N Market; McFeeders Tae Kwon Do, 222 N Market; Powell Dance-Sing Center, 222 N Market; Haas Museum, 128 N Market; Minerva Village Hall, 209 N Market; and United States Postal Service, 112 W High.