Federal agents take down Canton gang


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A 10-year investigation concluded Tuesday morning with the arrest of a slew of self-claimed gang members who are a part of the “Shorb Blocc” gang.

“Members of the ‘Shorb Blocc’ gang committed numerous acts of violence in the Canton-area, including murder, attempted murder, assault, robbery and witness intimidation,” a law enforcement official said. “As alleged in the indictment, members of the ‘Shorb Blocc’ gang used firearms on multiple occasions while conduction not only their drug trafficking activity but also while engaging in acts of violence.”

Canton is a safer place today with these gang members off the streets, according to officials.

“Members of the ‘Shorb Blocc’ gang preyed upon the Canton community by distributing dangerous drugs, including cocaine,” said one official.

The following individuals were named in the indictment and charged:

  • Lamuel Flowers, 28 of Canton, Ohio
  • Lenmuel Brown, 26 of Alliance, Ohio
  • Corey Sullivan, 25 of Canton, Ohio
  • Dejour Kelly, 29 of Canton, Ohio
  • Jessie Lee, 23 of Canton, Ohio
  • Deangelo Snell, 21 of Massillion, Ohio
  • Tyvion Hall, 23 of Canton, Ohio
  • Raphael Patterson, 34 of Canton, Ohio
  • Juleus Edwards, 33 of Canton, Ohio
  • Austin Collins, 21 of Canton, Ohio
  • Justin Bush, 34 of Canton, Ohio
  • Jaylen Martin, 24 of Canton, Ohio
  • Stephen Harvey, 26 of Canton, Ohio
  • Harry Harris, 41 of Canton, Ohio
  • Justice Hunter, 23 of Akron, Ohio
  • Jawon Strickland, 27 of Canton, Ohio

“Today’s charges and the individuals who must now face accountability for their actions, are a step forward to returning this community to a more peaceful place and towards a better tomorrow.”

“We’ve taken off the street some of the most violent and dangerous gang members in the history of Canton,” said Canton police chief Jack Angelo.

16 self-identified members of the “Shorb Blocc” gang were indicted on racketeering and drug conspiracy violations – 12 of the members are in custody and four remain at-large with active warrants.