CDC reverses course, recommends even vaccinated Americans wear masks


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In a somewhat surprising announcement, the Center for Disease Control reversed course on its guidelines regarding masks – now recommending that even vaccinated people wear masks indoors while in areas with coronavirus surges.

During a media session, the CDC made the public announcement. The decision comes after new information came to light regarding the delta variant. Officials believe the delta variant can spread among vaccinated people as well. The CDC is recommending masks indoors for teachers, students and staff at schools, regardless of their vaccination status.

America is currently seeing an average of 55,000+ cases a day.

Research has shown that the majority of new cases are infecting unvaccinated people, but there are cases where vaccinated people are being infected. Vaccinated people are usually suffering mild illness and symptoms.

Originally, officials said vaccinated people could not spread the virus but data was collected and is “concerning enough that we feel like we have to act,” one official with the CDC said. They now believe vaccinated people can spread the virus to others.

The reverse of course is just a recommendation at this time. States could choose to implement mask mandates if they see fit.