Ohio House passes ban on transgender athletes in amended bill; heads back to Senate


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In a controversial move Thursday evening, the Ohio House of Representatives made an amendment to a bill that would allow NCAA athletes to earn money from their name, image and likeness.

The House floor became divided when Republican Jenna Powell (R – Arcanum) introduced the amendment to the bill that would ban transgender girls from competing at the high school sports level. The amendment passed 54-40, largely among party lines. The bill passed through the House a short time later in a 57-36 vote.

The NIL bill (the bill pertaining to the NCAA athletes), was originally passed in the Ohio Senate by a unanimous vote. It will now head back to the chamber for additional debate on the new amendment and a second vote.

Rep. Powell had previously introduced a separate bill titled “Save Women’s Sports Act.” That bill, which has not yet passed the committee, is similar to other bills like it around the country. If the amended bill is accepted, it would bypass the former proposed bill and allow the controversial ban.