Cleveland Browns chief of staff convicted of drunk driving; team releases statement


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The Cleveland Browns chief of staff, Callie Brownson, was found guilty of a drunk driving charge in Brunswick Mayor’s Court Tuesday. Brownson originally pleaded no contest to the charge.

Court documents show the 31-year-old was pulled over for speeding in the early-morning hours of May 27 in Brunswick. Police say she smelled of alcohol and her driving raised concern. Her blood-alcohol content level was .215, more than double the legal limit, according to records.

In the body cam footage of the encounter, the arresting police officer can be heard telling her he was concerned.

“I have concerns about your ability to operate a vehicle safely,” the officer said.

“We aware of the incident and are extremely disappointed that a member of our organization put themselves in this situation,” the Browns organization said in a statement. “We take this matter very seriously and will take the appropriate disciplinary actions.”


Before the officer conducted the field sobriety test, Brownson told him that she was a coach for the Browns and was going to lose her job if charged. She asked if she could just walk home.

During a press briefing, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski was asked if she would be subject to losing her job. He replied, “No,” but she is currently suspended.

Brownson admitted to police she consumed at least two glasses of alcohol.

In lieu of jail time, she was ordered to pay a $700 fine and will likely take part in a three-day drivers intervention program.