Man in custody after Tuesday evening shooting at Upper Deck Bar


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A beautiful night turned into a moment of chaos Tuesday evening at a popular spot on Portage Lakes.

The owner of Upper Deck Bar & Grill took to Facebook to detail a shooting that occurred at the establishment following an argument.

Video courtesy: Upper Deck Bar & Grill

“Tonight at 8pm I was enjoying a rock-n-roll band on the patio at the Upper Deck… then two guys got in a fight on the lawn… turns out they were step-brothers,” the owner posted to Facebook. “The fight escalated and when one brother knocked the other to the ground, he stood up and fired 3 shots into the ground In front his brother. He then turned and ran to his car.”

The Facebook post goes onto say the suspected shooter flipped his car a quarter mile down the road. He was arrested and taken into custody by police.

The owner said he’s happy that no one at the restaurant was injured, but he’s disappointed.

“I’m frustrated… my family and friends work here,” he said. “It is crazy the times we live in.”

The New Franklin Police Department is investigating the shooting.