Last month, BBBS announced Brittany Douglas as the local Big of the Year. And now, she has been
recognized by the state as the Ohio Big Sister of the Year. Brittany and her Little, Tiana, were matched eight
years ago. In her nomination essay, Brittany said of her experience, “Being a Big and continuing to be in the
program has been the easiest decision I’ve ever made because I’ve never felt the need to be this perfect
person who has all the right answers and makes all the right decisions. I do not believe that is what
mentorship is about. Mentorship is about showing up.”

At the state level, there is a nomination committee that reviews Big of the Year submissions. The
nominating committee consists of agency leaders across the state. A rubric is used for scoring each
submission. The winner is the individual with the highest collective score from all the committee members
that reviewed the submissions.

Douglas is now nominated for National Big of the Year. At this level, the nomination committee will review
areas such as:
• The match has demonstrated significant impact for the Little.
• The Little has shown progress in reaching their potential, and the Big has helped ignite, empower,
or defend that potential in an identifiable way.
• The nominee has been highly engaged in the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters.
• The Big has shown excellence in advocating for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Brittany and Tiana consider one another family. Tiana was a bridesmaid in Brittany’s wedding, they
frequently spend holidays together, and Tianna has assured Brittany that she’s “stuck with her” long after
the Little turns 18.

You can view the video submission by Brittany and Tiana here: