Boardman teacher’s aide allegedly ‘stapled’ a piece of paper to a disabled child’s head


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A Boardman Local Schools employee is under fire after a mother claims a teacher’s aide ‘stapled a piece of paper’ to the child’s head’ as a reminder for the student to bring a water bottle from home, according to a letter from the lawyers of Sheli Myers – the mother of the child – and a police report filed with Boardman police.

In the letter, it states that Ms. Myers’ child has a disability and was in a classroom for children with disabilities when the teacher’s aide allegedly stapled the paper to the child’s head. Lawyers say that it was reported that the paper was stapled to the child’s hair, which they say is a false statement.

The lawyers of Ms. Myers say the child did suffer physical and mental injuries and received treatment as needed after the incident.

The letter also noted that Boardman Local Schools Superintendent Tim Saxton stated in a local TV interview that the teacher’s aide had ‘no intent to harm’ the child and she issued a warning for the action.

Lawyers for Ms. Myers said the employee in question may have a ‘clean’ record, as mentioned by Saxton, but she has been the subject of multiple complaints by Ms. Myers.

According to the letter, the teacher’s aide has returned to the classroom with just a warning that ‘stapling papers to a child’s head is not recommended.’

The lack of reprimand has Myers’ lawyers questioning if there would have been harsher penalties had the student not been disabled.

Charges were not filed against the teacher’s aide by Boardman police as consulting with Mahoning County Prosecutor’s Office.